Monday, December 7, 2020


 I'm not even gonna lie.

I am so over this shit.   #2020Blows  I can't find the energy to post shit.
Well other than bitching lol

Crawl me googles

This is just going to be my picture diary of 2020

Maybe it was not the hot garbage I remember currently.  ( still need to upload pre-August but I am only soooo ambitious that I am not even sure I'll finish the commentary on the pictures.

One day, I got bored and made these.  They were pretty good.  I shoulda chopped the bacon better.  LMAO LESSON LEARNED

Also KETO AF  YEEEEESSSS BITCHES and its super filling.

Also If you are gonna enjoy my picture library, I sure hope you enjoy the vocabulary, sometimes, I am worse than a sailor.  Some people say that shows signs of higher intelligence.

I would love to believe that, cuz I am SMART AF, however, I just believe it is a gnarly character trait, but whatev's since I have other issues LOL

So back to Keto Cheese Balls ( its cream cheese, cheddar, bacon, and chives ) 

Sexie Lexie with some wannabe cutie EV, I mean, you cute for the earth, tho.
I'm gonna get your big bro when he is in production
#TeslaTruck  #willstilldrivelexie #vroom #vroom

Do hashtags even exist on this platform. ROFL

That same night I got some cookies.  Holy FUCKAMOLE these mutha truckers gotta have some drugs in them or something.  RUN GO GET SOME

Previously, we had tacos ...

annnnd Tequila.  So there was some dranking involved.  So what?


Me Trying to be pretty AF
I is not too bad.  6.5/10
Yes I fucking rated myself.
At 18 I was a solid fucking 10 tho

Lookitmeeeeeee I'm trying to get skinny
But the depression is helping lol.
I also refer to it as my #intermittentfasting

FUCK, I have a lot of obstacles.

Sometimes I Just like to take pictures of her  *shrug*

I can't tell what character this is. This will be interesting.  Once it blows up.
Oh and I quit WoW.  I'm still super sad.

Me being randomly EMO and taking a photo


Some delightful dinner
Wish it wasn't such a pain in the ass, for the hubby.

Veggies, BITCHES you need moar veggies!!!

I'm a whole rich bitch, and I work like I'm broke still...
and I also shop at IKEA

We all need a soul to rely on a soul to cry on

I'm not gonna make it alone.....